About Us


At SDCL we know and understand how stressful legal issues can be. We  believe that generating solutions with our clients, rather than unilaterally, produces more viable strategies and reduces anxiety. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients throughout the legal process. At SCDL we believe that the best way to remain successful is to treat clients with respect and candor. We employ this mantra throughout the client attorney relationship and beyond.

Cost Effective Legal Services

Many issues can be resolved without going to trial. Our firm emphasizes the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution to save you money. From informal negotiation to mediation, and arbitration our firm works closely with clients to resolve legal issues without the pain and exorbitant cost of litigation. In the event that an issue cannot be resolved using Alternative Dispute Resolution, our attorneys are fully prepared to aggressively litigate any issue.

Multiple Locations

We have locations in San Diego, Carlsbad, and Rancho Bernardo, and Vista. Maintaining a strong presence in Southern and South Eastern California gives us the advantage of having a broad spectrum of legal and personnel resources to help our clients.

Commitment to Ethics

Our firm believes the best way to maintain healthy client-attorney relations is to maintain an ethically conscientious law practice. We strictly adhere to all of the ethical rules and guidelines promulgated by both the California Bar Association and the American Bar Association.